GD Welcomes Kevin Curfman – LiDAR Survey Dept. Manager
February 13, 2018
GD excited to join the City of Padre Island Walkovers Ribbon Cutting Ceremony as General Contractors for Ocean Circle Walkover
March 2, 2018

Career Development, New and Changing Technology – GD Top Priority!

Career Development and staying on top of new and changing technology and trends is a top priority at GD!

As an engineering, general construction, and survey company that depends on technology to help keep us productive and efficient, it’s important that we keep our staff up-to-date on the latest industry software updates and trends.  At GD we make it a top-priority to provide updates on a regular basis and to encourage our employees to take advantage of these opportunities not only for the benefit of making note of the updates but also to build a technological skillset that could further advance their careers.  By doing this…GD is up on technology, the employee is empowered by knowledge, and even better, our clients reap the benefit of expedient and accurate deliverables.