City of San Antonio On-Call Traffic Engineering Services
August 8, 2017

City of San Antonio On-Call Civil Engineering Services

Project Description:

GDA/CH (a joint venture between Gonzalez-De La Garza and Camacho-Hernandez) was one of five awardees on the 2011 City of San Antonio (CoSA) On-Call Contract for Civil Engineering Services. Projects have primarily consisted of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of various roadway and alleyways throughout San Antonio. Over the three year contract duration, GD has provided civil engineering, utility coordination, roadway design/geometrics, drainage analysis, TDLR coordination, public meeting coordination, cost estimates, construction phase services, and surveying on more than 50 task orders.

Scope of Project:

Over the three year contract duration, the contract consisted of providing civil engineering, utility coordination, geotechnical engineering, cost estimates, construction phase services, and surveying. GD worked on more than 100 projects for this contract including the noteworthy projects described below:

Mabelle Avenue, Sabinas and Alling Streets - In August of 2013, GD was awarded three projects with extremely short design periods. The design included roadway reconstruction with sidewalks, curbs, ADA ramps, driveways, pavement markings, intersection grading and traffic controls phasing. Providing positive drainage, while maintaining existing driveway elevations, was achieved. The projects were required to reach preliminary design (40%) by September 2013 in order to be included in CoSA’s 2014 construction budget. GD jumped into action by accelerating initial design tasks such as the survey, geotechnical investigation, and preliminary design. GD’s inhouse surveying team was deployed immediately and GD’s San Antonio based teaming partners were contacted to complete the design. GD’s excellent management resulted in extremely high quality designs, that required minimal submissions and reviews necessary to reach 40%; which allowed the projects to be included in the 2014 budget.

Tampa Avenue - The project consisted of roadway reconstruction with sidewalks, curb, ADA ramps, driveway, pavement markings, intersection grading and traffic control phasing. Challenges of the project included providing positive drainage for low lying areas and matching the existing elevations of residential driveways. Throughout the entirety of the project, GD coordinated and maintained open lines of communication with the City of San Antonio and other consultants to secure all necessary permits and approvals. GD also attended public meetings to assist CoSA and CoSA’s PM with project presentation and answering community questions.

Alleyway #4 (Cost-Effective Solution) -GD was tasked with redesigning Alley #4 which was released under the 2012 AMP. When performing the initial site visit, GD and CoSA identified an extreme low point in the alley profile as a significant drainage concern. Though budget constraints only allowed for a redesign that largely maintained the existing profile, GD was asked to provide potential solutions to improve drainage and to prevent water from pooling in the low point. With CoSA’s budget in mind, GD provided two (2) solutions: 1) to construct a drop inlet with a 24” RCP storm drain lateral and connect to the nearby storm sewer system, and 2) to construct a localized gravel filter section within the center of the alley allowing water to more-quickly dissipate. Ultimately, the second, more cost-effective solution was chosen and has since proven to be a successful design.

Camada Street (Value Engineering) - One of GD’s recently completed task orders, Camada Street, required reconstruction and redesign of the existing residential street. The street has an extremely narrow right-of-way which presented some design challenges but also the opportunity to capitalize on value engineering opportunities. GD opted for mountable curbs which helped maintain drainage while also allowing two-way traffic to maneuver within the narrow roadway. Additionally, GD chose to locate the new sidewalk on the side of the street opposite the existing CPS utilities. The sidewalk was also located on the side of the street with the most residents. Avoiding the existing utilities saved a considerable amount of money while also allowing construction to commence much quicker.

The list below contains some of GD’s completed task orders under the contract:

Alley Maintenance Program, 2012-2014 Value: $400,000 Hood Street, December 2012 Value: $70,000

Rochambeau Street, April 2013 Value: $35,000 Camada Street, May 2013 Value: $36,000

Tampa Street, May 2013 Value: $50,000 Mabelle Drive, Sept 2013 Value: $110,000

Construction Cost:

Varied per project

Completion Date: